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          1. Education and Life Skills

            The existing curriculum of China's 9 years mandatory education place overt weighting in academic subjects and how to get high scores in public examination.  Life-skills education is essentially absent in most schools.  

            World Vision China had started education and life skills programs for more than a decade.  Special focus had been placed on left-behind children since year 2000 when the issue was gaining prominence. It is estimated that there are as much as 61 million of left behind children.  

            Our work:

            • Support parents and/or caregivers capacity building through ECE and child development milestone training;
            • Enhancement of ECE facilities and community environment for children;
            • Life skills training;
            • Encourage child participation through Children's Centre programmes;
            • Enhancement of teaching resources, facilities and environment; and
            • Support most vulnerable children to access pre-primay education.

            As a result,

            • 93.4% of children acquired knowledge and skills to make good judgments, manage emotions and communicate ideas;
            • 185 project schools, about 4.5 times the number of previous year, adopted life skills training for students; and 
            • children from 558 schools have access and complete basic education.



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